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CrossFit classes Bridgwater Street Glastonbury highbridge



Book your free one to one consultation with one of our coaches so that we can create you personal training plan and start seeing results. 

CrossFit classes Bridgwater Street Glastonbury highbridge


Talk to a coach


Book one of our free one to one sessions with one of our professional coaches.

Form your training plan

Get your own training plan to suit your needs, we may want you to start with a fundamentals session

Free Taster Session


Book your first session

with us absolutely free

Start with us

Become a GOAT and part

of the TGS community

Get Results


Stick to the plan, be consistant

and become a healthier and

happier person


The foundation of our classes is CrossFit which aims to develop all areas of fitness. Attending these classes will give you a general and well rounded fitness, including strength and conditioning. We also offer speciality classes to help develop skills and strength in specific areas.


"My health and staying active has always been important to me but something was always missing. After joining Wyvern, mainly to hide in the corner and do my own weight training, I’d watch the CrossFit classes from a distance and, even though the idea of joining the classes without the company of any friends terrified me, I knew I had to do it. This sport was for me!

My fitness and strength, both physical AND mental is better than ever, my body (for the most part) moves better than ever too, I genuinely have to keep reminding myself I’m 50 this year! 

CrossFit took me right out of my comfort zone and right to where I wanted to be, this positive change transferred into other areas of my life and this has been priceless. Wyvern and it’s people are like a second home now and I wouldn’t have it any other way ."

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